Group Break FAQ - Hockey card case breaks

Group Break FAQ – Hockey card case breaks

Group break FAQ detailing what hockey card case breaks actually are and the benefits of joining in on them.

What is a group break?

New collectors often have questions about what a group break is. The following is a list about group break FAQ. Hockey card case breaks are a great way to obtain hockey cards at relatively low cost. A box of cards can cost upwards of $125 – $300 or more depending on what product you like. Hockey card breaks can consist of single box breaks or master case breaks and inner case break. Most people can’t afford to spend that much at one time. A hockey card break allows you to team up with other participants to lower the cost of obtaining hockey cards.

There are currently 31 teams in the NHL with expansion to Seattle there will be 32 teams. With a group break of say a case of cards you would have a chance to obtain every card that comes from that case of your favorite team. You would pay X amount of dollars for one spot in the break. There would be 31 spots available at varying costs.

here is the list of group break faq.

What kind of hockey card case breaks are there?

PYT (Pick Your Team) Group Break FAQ

    • In a PYT (pick your team) break, the breaker will announce how many boxes or cases he/she is breaking.
      5 boxes of 2015-16 SP Game used
      31 spots available
      $20 per spot
      A list of 31 team spots will be used
      You pick what team and or teams you wish to purchase
      You will receive those cards from the break

Team Random Group Break FAQ

    • 5 boxes of 2015-16 SP Game used
      31 spots available
      $20 per spot
      A list of 31 spots will be used
      You pick a spot you wish to purchase. Once the hockey break is full, the breaker will use the 31 spot list and randomize all the spots. I use Random Org to randomize the teams. After the teams are randomized I will then post the list of the spots next to the teams. You could end up with any team. This is a good way to acquire hockey cards to trade to other collectors if you didn’t end up with your favorite team.
      If you look at one of my previous team random hockey group break video’s you will see how this works.

Group Break FAQ – Divisional Hockey Card Case Breaks

    • 5 boxes of 2015-16 SP Game used
      4 spots available
      $100 per division
      A list of 4 divisions will be used
      You pick a division you wish to purchase, you end up with all the cards from the division you picked

There are other ways to break hockey cards also, this should give you a good idea of how they work.

How do I know what team I have in a team random group break?

    • I hour before each break happens, I will have have a live team randomization on Random Org. If you miss the live video for the randomization you can always see what team you have by viewing the break sheet for the break you entered.

Are we allowed to trade our teams?

    • Yes, after the team randomization is done you have 30 minutes in which you can trade your team to another participant. The break will happen 30 minutes after that time.

Where can I watch the hockey group breaks?

    • You can view the hockey group break two ways. Watch the break live on my YouTube channel. Rubyiss Group Break Channel. If you are unable to be present at the live break, you can always watch it on my channel at a later time. Please keep in mind that the video may not be ready for viewing until a few hours after the live break finishes.It takes a sufficient amount of time for YouTube to encode the video. On weekends these times increase due to more people creating YouTube videos. I have seen videos be ready in 30 minutes, have also seen videos take more than 12 hours.

How do I pay for a hockey group break?

    • We accept PayPal and EMT. If you choose to pay via EMT make sure you check your email for further instructions on how to pay.

What is a Razz?

    • For those who are not aware of what a Razz is. Here is a rundown. Example of a Razz: lets say Chicago is $50 in a break. In order to sell that team I get ten people to chip in $5 each. Each person gets to pick a spot between one and ten. Then I take those ten names and paste them into a random list generator. I will then randomize the list three times. The person with their name at the top of the list after the randomization wins the Chicago team in the break. So if you bought one spot, you just got a $50 team for $5 Downside, if you are not that guy at the top then you are shit out of luck. Lost your $5 Most guys buy a couple spots to improve their odds.

How do you ship the cards I win?

      • Cards are shipped via standard letter mail free of charge. All hockey cards are individually sleeved and shipped in top loaders inside bubble mailers. If you would like tracking on your hockey cards you must let us know within 24 hours of the group break completion. Tracking is not free, you are responsible to pay for it. We do not ship base cards. Want your base cards?  you must let us know within 24 hours of break completion. All base cards are donated to neighborhood kids and charity.

Have any more group break FAQ questions about hockey card case breaks, please get in touch by using the contact page.